Executive Summary

We got our jumpstart in the summer of 2017 by creating VR spaces for Compass, while simultaneously finishing a game in VIVE. We decided to re-shift our focus to standalone hardware when we began to receive multiple requests. 

Many companies and users see the utility of VR not just for gaming, but for content. Our core philosophy is that our hardware not only needs to be affordable, but it needs to facilitate creativity. Our hardware allows creators and users of many facets to enjoy VR/AR without needing to buy a computer. 

While we developed the sensor technology, we are building VR computers that work with other headsets. This computers are portable, have long battery life, and can power your existing laptop to make it run VR games. Our prices are very competitive as you can buy our VR booster that uses your laptop as the base and our tech as the extra memory to play VR content making it cheaper to enter into the market than any other gaming computer. 

We are the startup bringing VR and AR computing to everyone.