Gatsby is a Smart Home Store

Imagine all of your favorite stores, your go-tos for cool kicks, your spot for home decor, and the makeup station you love. You can shop for all of it as though you were in the store, except you're not - you're at home. Gatsby is a virtual reality shopping center, accessible from the comfort of your couch, and you can be a part of it.

Your brand + virtual reality

Your brand can be at the forefront of one of the biggest trends in consumer tech: a 3D universe. Gatsby provides an experience that will make your brand more than a product — it will signify a future where your brand becomes one with a consumer in a virtual world.

Why VR?

Consumers can view your products in real scale from home.

Consumers can interact with your products from home.

Align your brand with tech-minded consumers.

Work on increasing your browsing to buying conversion rates. 

Be a part of a fast-growing emerging market.

How does it work?

Consumers join Gatsby for free. Users have access to all virtual stores that have joined our platform and can purchase products through our app. If you prefer, your store can be a place where consumers see content & visualize your products without purchasing them. Here's how easy it is for a store to join...

Store On-boarding

Gatsby helps to scan the selected environment or store. We then scan the items that you want to showcase. 

Store Launch

Before launching, we make sure everything works according to your brand guidelines, and you set the publishing time. 

Store Maintenance

You can select your updates as often as you need, and you pay only for what you need. 


For on-boarding, Gatsby requires a space and products of your choosing. To create a space, we offer accurate 3D scale modeling of your store. We scan the space and create a CAD file with CGI that recreates your store in high fidelity. We can also provide a 360 panoramic capture of the space, that allows for a great showcasing experience. 

For object scanning, we provide a high resolution 3D model of any dense geometry object. If the scan is difficult (as can be with glass surfaces), we complete the rendering with CGI. 

Scanning of the environment

We provide two options to scan your environment. 


Hourly rate for one 360° image capture of your space. Every single experience is captured in 25.9MP. We provide up to 7,776x3,888 resolution.  


Hourly rate for one 3D model of a room that is scale-accurate. This provides a CAD output that can be used to re-create the space with CGI.

CGI Pricing


Hourly Rate for CGI work. 


Hourly rate for 10 or more hours of CGI for your store. 

3D scanning for the products in your store

We provide high-fidelity scans of the objects that you would like to sell or showcase in your store. We can capture photo-realistic 3D model in seconds.


Per hour of a photorealistic scan of an object with high resolution texture. Some limitations apply. The object must be less than 3.5m and more than 40cm in recommended range. Additional charges might apply if objects need computer generated design applied. Charges will need to be pre-approved and budget provided if this is the case. 


Per hour if you need to scan more than 1,000 products.

Launching Your Store

Gatsby hosts your store for a monthly fee. We use AWS servers, guaranteeing high bandwidth access and reliability. 

You pay for what you need. 

We offer three monthly access plans that can can be easily upgraded or downgraded based on your traffic needs.  

Pricing Plans


Per Month


Shared server & 24h customer service response time.


Per Month


Dedicated server & 6 hour customer service response time. 


Per Month


Dedicated server, and dedicated point of contact for your store. 

Update Your Store

VR is about fresh content. We help you showcase new products with a fast turnaround so you can keep up with your shoppers. You can reserve a spot to make sure we meet your timelines. Reserving a spot is free! 

How to Join?

1. Reach out to us at A member of our team will get back to you to set up a date to discuss your goals for your virtual store on Gatsby. 

2. We establish a budget for your store, detailing store parameters, including the scape for your virtual store, and the products that will be featured in your virtual store. 

3. Once all of the details are established, our team creates the scape and virtualizes your products.

4. Once we are done setting this up, you get to take a look, add any finishing details, and we upload you to our virtual shopping center where all of our users can shop.

5. Share with your customer base. Wait for the magic.